Saving Stuffies for Seniors

Saving Ottawa ‘Stuffies for Seniors’

through Real Love Fundraiser Workshop, July 19th

larryOTTAWA, July 6th, 2015 –Stuffies for Seniors, which delivers comfort, smiles, laughter and love to Ottawa area seniors through stuffed animals, is at risk of shutting down due to a car accident. To replace the car, organizers are planning a fundraising workshop called Real Love, July 19th. The workshop is being offered by Cindy Teevens, international author and speaker.

In March of this year, Stuffies for Seniors founder Larry McNamara brought his 84-year-old mother a stuffie to help take her mind off things. The stuffie was a big hit, word spread, and he started delivering stuffies to other seniors. He asked for gently used stuffies on Facebook and the response was beyond what he could have imagined. Beyond the stuffed donations, over 12 volunteers have stepped forward, and so far the service has picked-up, cleaned, repackaged, and dropped off about 2,000 stuffies.

Volunteers try to match the stuffed animal to the senior’s personality. A pink singing pig was given to a man who grew up as a farmer, but who is now on a morphine drip and can no longer leave his room. Tears filled his eyes as he squeezed the pig and it began to sing, “Old MacDonald Had a Farm.”

Last month, McNamara was cut off by another driver; his car hit the shoulder and went down the gulley, passing through a chain link fence. Miraculously, McNamara was not hurt, however the car was destroyed. He does not want to let the stuffies service die, but has limited means and doesn’t have much choice right now. The volunteers have somehow kept this going, but McNamara needs a replacement car.senior-n-stuffie

His organizer, Maria Bauer, is planning a fundraising workshop to get McNamara and his stuffies back on wheels. The July 19th Real Love workshop shows people how to, “Rise Above Mind, and Live from the Heart.” The workshop is personally transformative, enabling people to create healthy relationships through accessing inner peace, happiness, love, and wisdom. “Stuffies ‘n love are what we are all about, so it is a perfect match,” said Bauer. “Rather than just ask for money, we decided to offer something of high personal value, just like the stuffies,” she said.

When told that the volunteers were going to raise money for a replacement car, McNamara said, “I am stunned really. The purpose of this project was to help seniors…give them back some life; it is not supposed to be about me.” But without McNamara and his car, there would be no stuffies for seniors.


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  1. Cindy I am still in amazement and disbelief that you and Maria have put this together in such a short time and it is for me, but it was never supposed to be about me, I have tried to give my mother and Maria and the others the recognition they deserve, I do not need the limelight, my goal is to take care of Renfrew County then back away and hope the centres can continue on there own and we can look at some Ottawa operations which would make things a lot easier for everyone. I still am shocked by all of this and to have you aboard for a short time is fantastic. I look forward to meeting you. Larry

    1. Post

      Larry, your kind and compassionate idea touches so many people in need–it is a pleasure to participate in some way. Kindness begets kindness, that’s just the way it works. 🙂 We have to keep you going so that you can continue your kind work. You can’t imagine how much it means to so many people. Thank-you for all you have done and will do. I look forward to meeting you too! Cindy

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