Seeing eye-to-eye

Seeing eye-to-eye

I looked and blinked. And looked. And blinked.

Something was not quite right with him. Something about his face. That was a year ago, and our first meeting. It was not until the third meeting that I could see what was obvious–he had one green eye and one grey eye!

And here it was happening again. I looked up at the doctor and noticed something “off”. Then she asked me what I was there for.

On the weekend I headed out for my walk but found myself being drawn deeper and deeper into the woods, and into the stillness. Onto a log, I layed on my back and released into it. Then sat up and sank further. Then drawn deeper yet into the woods I chuckled to come upon some old chairs, and settled into one. Apparently two hours passed.

The next morning, I felt pain and saw what I thought was a wound or sliver from being in the woods, and pulled it off. It took two pulls and when I dropped what I thought was a scab…it began to move–and I realized it was a tick. Knowing the possible meaning, and since it was Sunday and the clinics were closed, I went to the hospital. 

Showing her the wound, I looked-up again and still could not see her eyes or face clearly. And then I remembered my other friend’s eyes, and the fact they were different colours–and only then I clearly saw hers. One beautiful green, one beautiful blue.

It reminds me of a story about Columbus arriving in North America, and how the natives could not see the massive ship on the water until, as the connection, their medicine man pointed it out. It was just not in their world of possibilities.

Only when I recognized and accepted that her eyes were different colours could I *actually* see the different colours, and truly see her face, yet the mind still struggled with this seeing, as it ratified something new. You see, eyes are always sensing, but it is the mind that sees, or not. And what we have seen, we can see. What we have been conditioned to see, we see. What we have learned to see, we see. What we have not seen, we don’t see.

That does not mean that we cannot see it. It takes a clearing of pre-conceptions, or pre-existing beliefs, anticipations, and expectations because otherwise we just see those pre-conceptions; we see them mentally, and physically–physiologically, which are not separate. That moment of suddenly being able to see what had already been the case (two different coloured eyes) was very similar to my experience of sudden self seeing self experience. When the “dust” that covers our eyes, the pre-conceived ideas (like that “eyes should be the same colour”), are removed, then and only then can we see what was already the case–reality as it truly is.

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  2. LOL Hi Irene… 🙂

    As a child, perhaps you had an easier time seeing the two different colours immediately? Children tend to have fewer beliefs about the world.

    Thanks for dropping by and reading!
    Peace and joy,

  3. Hey Cindy,
    You did it again…. absolutely brilliant!! Reading this, took me back many many years, where I met two friends in school, who each had two different eye colours. At the time, it totally fascinated me and just now I realized that I don’t recall this in recent years. It also just clicked, that I was not looking for it (too pre-occupied with seeing what I already created) thanks for the reminder.
    Btw….with 2 different eyecolours can that person vote 2x ?? 😉

    1. Hi Louise,
      You can read the rest right now… when you register free. After you have registered, when you log-in you can see all articles. Go to the page and at the end of the text there is a “register” link to click on. Follow the instructions and within moments you can read all articles.

      Thanks for visiting!

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