Alchemy Sessions

Switch from Pain to Inner Peace

Cindy guides people through the practice of Alchemy
– there is no subject or issue you can’t walk through together.

    • Get Instant Relief
  • Learn to Facilitate Your Own Fundamental Shifts, Realizations and Ah-Ha’s
  • Discover the Three Powers Your Were Born With

You Will Learn as You Transform:

  • How to Feel Good in Five Minutes
  • How to Use the Practice on Yourself
  • How To Access My Own Inner Wisdom and Power
  • How to Attain Lasting Inner Peace
  • How to Unleash the Joy We All Have Within

In person, on the phone, or over Skype.

Cindy personally and privately coaches clients though radical inner solutions to outer
problems and helps them connect with our natural, always available inner joy of being.

Read what people say about Alchemy Sessions below.

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Comments 20

  1. viv from Ottawa

    In the moment the shift happens it feels like a miracle has taken place.
    In the beginning I had what I would call an anger problem with playing a card game, and this happened quite frequently, where I would lose control and speak angrily to all around me! Not nice.
    When I started to practice Alchemy and asked the first 2 questions, the shift from anger to fun happened in that moment and it felt so good.
    I did it, so thank you Cindy for showing me the way.

  2. Lynda

    I had an incredible session with Cindy. She has an amazing intuitive ability to change your perspective. I loved the way I “flipped” into a feeling of “I have”.

    Thanks Cindy,

    Lynda, Saskatchewan

  3. Anna

    I feel like finding Cindy and discovering her simple teachings has been a magical experience which has led me to a transformation to my most natural way of being. This really feels good. I think the word alchemy is just so appropriate and fitting.

    With Cindy’s wise guidance I feel like I now have a simple formula for changing the way I feel, the way I live and essentially my whole way of being. I have been released from believing the thoughts that enter my consciousness that make me feel bad. I realize that I have the power to choose what I put my attention on. I now intend to put my attention on thoughts and experiences that feel good. I know that when I feel good I have a greater capacity to share who I truly am with the world – a loving human being.

    Thank you Cindy for your gift and your generosity of spirit. The best part is how you share your knowledge to help others rediscover the peace and joy within them that has always been there! I am truly grateful, and sincerely look forward to sharing this journey further.

    Ottawa, ON

  4. peg jones

    Cindy has taught me so much today, in our first session. I learned more today that I have in all the years I have been around. It was a pleasure to work with Cindy today and I look forward to working with her really soon. Thank you Cindy for your practical wisdom and all I have learned today.

  5. Nathalie

    How does respect and appreciation flowing feel?

    Cindy won’t tell you how it feels to feel good, she holds a space and opening for you to experience it.

    Through her simple process of looking, recognizing, breathing, discarding and – being – WOW! I’m sure each Alchemy session is as unique as every individual but it left me lighter, more apt to deal compassionately with difficult situations and my time spent with Cindy allowed me to relax, laugh and feel – feel that I am making a positive difference and that I am worthy of… feeling. I recognize the importance of tapping into my body for insight and thanks to the tools you shared with me yesterday evening I have been doing it all day ; ) After our call I took time for myself, to breathe, stretch and felt secure, happy and productively creative.

    Thank you Cindy. Like a gold mine in this age of economy based on information and exchange, you enable people to be rich!


  6. Andrew Flanagan

    I really enjoyed my session with Cindy! Her technique is very practical, relevant and tailored specifically for you. She will work with you on a particular ‘negative’ occasion from your own life, letting you instead experience the joy available in that occasion! You know mentally this is the way forward – Cindy provides you with a powerful quick-to-implement ‘how’. Once you tap into the feeling that you want to have in that instance, you then magnify it – so that your actions, and hence life, are progressive. Cindy can show you how an ’empowering’ feeling can change your perspective entirely, during an otherwise ‘negative’ occasion, bringing you inner peace and joy!!

  7. Kim

    “The onus is on the Universe” was my epiphany when working with Cindy. And what a profoundly accurate statement it is! The Universe willingly takes on all of our negative emotions and all of our thoughts so we can live in an ever expanding heart space of love and joy. And this is the heart space Cindy teaches us to rediscover.

    Thank you, Cindy, for helping me experience this clarity and sharing in the energy and laughter that followed!

    Blessings of Universal abundance to all!

    Kim, Ottawa, ON

  8. Joanne Sprott

    Thanks, Cindy! You really gave all your transformational talent and energy to guiding me through a very substantive shift. I am still recovering from it (need a nap!), but that means it was really awesome! Resorting what’s really important to me created some great insights, and integrating that into my energy centers ensures that true shift will take place and my world will change. I’ve been through a number of other modalities for these kinds of shifts and I find your process to be extremely effective in creating real change, at least so my body and spirit tell me. I’ll keep you posted on the changes to my outer world that will result. Big hugs!

  9. Lilia

    Thank you, Cindy, for the session this morning. It brought together so much I have understood intellectually from the Abraham works, from Gregg Braden, and others on manifesting what we want through feeling it as if we have recieved it. Yet there was a way that you helped me truly feel what it is I want and to understand what was blocking me. Thank you so much.


  10. Lisa Walls

    Cindy, I had to comment again, because the work you are doing is truly powerful and valuable. After our one session, I am still benefiting from the insight you provided. Thank you, you are truly a blessing! Definitely a gift.

  11. Wilda Hicks

    Hi Cindy
    What a GIFT, What a GIFT, What a Gift, these were the words I got after getting off the phone with you today Cindy. I am now feeling Love, Joy and Happiness and some tears of JOY. I had no idea what to expect with the phone session but it was like sharing with my best friend, some personal grief issues. Which quickly dissapeared with a few short questions to my body. It was a magical experience. And something I will continue working on since I just started a 40 day spiritual cleanse yesterday. The timing of the session was perfect, although I had not thought of the phone session when planning my cleanse. But the universe was looking after me. Reading Cindy’s book was a healing experience and I can’t wait for her next books to come out.
    Congratulations Cindy in your Winning book and sharing your personal experience and healing with the world. Many blessings. Wilda

  12. Lisa Walls

    Thank you, Cindy, for our talk today. I had this knowledge that I tend to live in my head. I have been working on being present, in the moment, and remembering to breathe. Using yoga, reiki, and meditation, I have had glimpses of how this feels. None so powerful as the time I had to speak with you this morning. I could truly feel the difference between being constricted by my thoughts and the expansiveness of being joyfully in my body. It is amazing to think we have this power and the ability to easily access and sustain it. What really blows me away is the timing of our call. The guilt, sadness, and disapproval I felt over giving up my dog was fresh and sudden. To be able to process that with you lifted my energy in a powerful exciting way. I am thankful for this new awareness. I look forward to continuing to grow, share, and practice this blessed gift.

  13. Kathryn

    Thank you for the session today Cindy. I’ve been searching for a way out of my old patterns of fear and pain and sadness. And yet it’s amazing how locked in I have been to those feelings. I’m looking forward to putting this new shift in attention/awareness into action.

    Thank you for so generously giving of your time and your spirit.


  14. Katherine Owen

    “We don’t want things or people–we want the feeling we mistake them for.”
    –C. Teevens

    There was an aha moment when I understood these wise words of yours. I fell into how it would feel to have what I wanted. I accessed it and yet nothing had changed in my world other than allowing myself to have it. I have the power! I still access that feeling as I sit here typing, and it is sweet indeed!

    Thank you Cindy for your spiritual wisdom, for the simplicity and practicality of your wonderful technique, for your generosity, and for your God-filled laughter.

    May you continue to be blessed and be a blessing in all you do.

    with the Love we are,

  15. Linda

    I enjoyed my session with Cindy! Cindy’s technique is very practical and tailored specifically for you and your life. She will work with you on a particular instance from your own life, and let you experience the joy available to you in that instance. Once you can tap into the feeling that you want to have in that instance, you can then magnify it and let it grow exponentially. The key is to identify a specific instance in time, not a theme in your life in general, and Cindy will guide you through the rest. Cindy can show you how a “feelingization” can change your perspective entirely, and simply, bring you joy. Who doesn’t need more of that?

  16. Sharon

    Dear Cindy;

    Thank you so much for the wonderful session and sharing your amazing insights and wisdom with me. I LOVED IT! I felt like I was talking to a long lost friend and you made so many things clearer for me. The simplicity of your work and the way you explain it is just great but the impact of it is (was) very powerful. I loved how you would catch me and show me by using your questions how to see the truth in every experience.

    Deep down within us all we know what you are speaking about is true, and that is why I am really looking forward to your book and wish you every success with it. The Alchemy of Love and Joy is going to help so many people and what a blessing you came to realize this and find a way to communicate it to us so we can all experience our own JOY. I would highly recommend people book a session with you and of course BUY THE BOOK when it comes out.

    Thank you for sharing your JOY with me, it was a fun and magical conversation that has already helped me see things more clearly.

    Blessings and love;


  17. Veronica

    Cindy, thank you so much for sharing your beautifully simplistic and powerful ways to truly shift yourself/attitude through awareness. The tools you shared with my husband and myself are a treasured gift that we will put into practice by asking those few questions to get us back into wholeness and love. Although we initially called about our daughter, you helped us to realize the importance of not just holding the space for her, but ultimately taking responsibility for only our OWN selves. May the work you do be blessed. Thank you once more.

    Full of gratitude,
    Veronica and Zeke Rios, USA

  18. Christine

    Hi Cindy,

    Thank-you for taking the time to help me and for sharing your wonderful insights with me.

    This session felt “heavenly” and there simply are no words to describe it. It is more of a “feeling it”!!!

    After we hung up the phone, I rejoiced and celebrated in this wonderful realization and another one came along which made me laugh (busted once again!). If I cannot celebrate who I am then it is difficult to celebrate who others are. I thought to myself, “I really love the part where I thought my friend should do it for me”. I can now celebrate not only who I am but also who others are, this is what makes me very happy. I am back to being present, feeling joyful and ecstatic.

    This truly is alchemy.

    You are wonderful and beautiful. It was really easy talking with you, and I enjoyed our wonderful, laughter-filled conversation.

    Love and gratitude,
    Christine xox

  19. Leslie Titcombe

    Hi Cindy,

    It was an amazing experience to share/play with someone like yourself who knows the territory of who we truly are so intimately. And I thoroughly enjoyed being busted on seemingly innocent statements that actually hide the habit of limiting and constricting, and thereby mask our true nature, which is joy….or, like I had learned in my yoga training (but didn’t really “get” at the time), Sat-chit-ananda, meaning “knowledge, existence and bliss absolute”.

    I especially appreciated your notion of practicing being happy for no reason, and even more so when I realized that that’s what I’ve been doing lately in the morning when I awaken. It is so liberating to know that there is a whole different way of living within the world than the one we were “programmed” to believe was the truth.

    As I look back on my life from this perspective, I realize this process, which I now call ‘ending the Search”, began 5 years ago, but I had no idea what was really happening. Things were dropping away, but there was still a lot of pain and confusion. Then 2 years ago, “the Search” did end, but I wasn’t sure what that meant, only that it was now impossible for me to operate from the old world view I had of trying to fix my imperfect self.

    Now things are opening in an exponential way, and I find myself being highly amused by what used to cause me intense suffering. I laugh a lot more. The world is bright and full of magic. Life is much more fun. It has now become a process of deepening or expanding, and I am experiencing the invitation to live in the truth of who I really am in everything around me, including the marvelous, laughter-filled conversation I had with you.

    With much love and gratitude,

  20. Nicole

    I’ve just had a session with Cindy. It is wondrous how quickly my experience has changed. From feeling sad, hopeless, discouraged and lost to feeling incredible peace, present, calm and a quiet joy that is expansive – expanding as I now speak about it :)

    This is a magical switch! This practice has literally switched the track I was on to experiencing and wanting more and more joy!

    The most important gift in my doing this practice of Alchemy, which is quick and simple (but wow!) is that it experientially revealed how my negative beliefs were just negative thoughts I believed!! And it was the believing of them that made me feel so bad. But they were just thoughts and they could be dropped!!! And in dropping them instantly their power dissolved, and so did my sadness. In fact I was laughing from how easy the relief was, and also from the illusion being revealed of how truly unfounded those thoughts were that I was so fervently believing!

    This practice is indeed alchemy as it transformed my experience before my open eyes and in my body and mind – and especially my heart. It brought me to truth, and truth’s beauty is the undeniable-ness of it when found. In all it’s glory and all it’s joy and it’s unlimited potential.

    Thank you Cindy for so generously sharing your insight into how feeling joy is important to cultivate. In my view a very astute discovery! The truth really does set us free and how great to travel there on the wings of joy!!!

    Nicole, Ottawa, ON

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