Spiritual Myth 2: My ego takes over

My pet peeve is spiritual fantasies, you know, like “My ego took over.” — EEEEk!

Sorry. That was my ego. It took over. What is that? Is that like a real thing? Is there a thing inside of you that’s like, alien, that has come in and taken over?

What’s really going on? That’s not what’s going on. There’s something that’s really going on. If you want the find out the truth, then you have to throw away the fantasy.

Learn about the five powers you were born with, that because they function unconsciously, you don’t know what’s going on. But you can. You can know the truth. And if you want the truth of who and what you really and actually are, then become a reality lover. There’s only one realization you need. Follow this series of videos. I’m going to be doing some serious myth-busting. And let’s get real.

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Leslee Morsund
Leslee Morsund thank you Cindy!!! yes time to get real and I am all in!!! 🙂


Jasmin Poon
Jasmin Poon Good ego choke Cindy Teevens. Lol.

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