Spiritual Myth 1: My Oneness

Spiritual fantasies are my pet peeve. Like “Oneness.” People sling around the word “Oneness” like that is a real thing. But, what are they saying? I often hear something like “when I am in my Oneness,” so this is something they possess? And someone else has a different oneness? That they move in and out of?”

If you want the truth that causes a radical shift in your identity, you won’t entertain spiritual fantasies that never fulfill, that never put an end the roller coaster of ups and downs. You are only one realization away from the truth of who and what you really are, so become a reality lover, follow this series of videos where I do some spiritual myth-busting, and let’s get real.

Facebook Reader Response:

What if we were able to experience the state of being and doing that great spiritual teachers call “Oneness”? Oneness refers to our emotional life, the type of peace we mean when we talk about “peace of mind”…

Cindy Teevens

The Reality of the One does not come and go, like experiences do, so it’s not a “state of being.” I think you are right, that what people are really referring to is a calm state. That doesn’t mean they’ve “moved into” their Oneness, which they had left. It means they are experiencing a quiet mind, nothing more.If one actually ever saw the truth of the single Self–even once–they’d never speak of being in and out of “Oneness” again. As someone else said: “There is no ‘Oneness.’ There is only One.”Mere semantics? No. The fact that Oneness is being claimed as “mine” exposes the duality of the ego. The uttering of mindless, second-hand knowledge does not mean you are recognizing direct Truth. What you speak, you think (believe). What you think you act and live as if, and can’t see otherwise. Be very careful, be mindful, and question what you are saying, before you stamp it with your authority, because your authority its the veil! Is it true? Is it real? Let’s get real!

Facebook Reader Response:

When a person refers to “my oneness with humanity”, it is not simply having an occasional experience of unity beyond all division, it is actually being undivided. This is what nonduality truly means. It means there is just one Self, without a difference or gap between the profound revelation of Oneness and the way it is perceived and lived every moment of life… Separation is a myth, a lie and an illusion.

… The realization of humanity’s true essential nature as consciousness is the bridge connecting us all. Implementing non-duality results in a united earth and global unity.

Cindy Teevens

In the same breath you speak of the end of all division, of separation being a lie–yet then you speak of needing a bridge. The fact of the one Self is not a bridge “to” something. It is what it is, already. It is the only thing that is. Without separation, what bridge is needed?

“Implementing non-duality” means what? This sentence implies that sometimes we implement it, sometimes not. Implementing, then is *thinking* we are One. It starts from the (imagined) basis of separation, and then imagines that the ‘separate we’s’ are one. That is not what Self-Realization is.

That is not even what non-duality is; it is not an action, not something “you” do. It is a fact. Truth, Reality. Non-duality doesn’t need you. In fact “you” *are* duality.

Thinking comes and goes, thoughts of “Oneness” feel nice, for a while, but are not the eternal, undivided Self. Go beyond all mere ideas of Oneness, and question your reality, who or what you are, from the beginning. You must be extreme to reach the Supreme!

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