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  1. Gena

    Thank you – it is so powerful to reflect on how the law of attraction has changed my life. When I look back on how I lived before I understood this force, it seems like a diminished existence. My life now has colour, variety and purpose – I have everything I need and enough to give to others. I really hope the world takes notice of the potential for improvement on a large scale. Thanks again.

  2. Joseph

    I enjoyed the survey. Great way to bring it. I love the LOA. It absolutely works! It has changed my life for the better. I will use and share it always.

  3. jane

    how much i hoped this would help work for me
    forty years hoping praying working wishing
    the last six years with loa,
    utter failure in my dreams and hopes
    yeah yeah i know i must have approached practised or done it all wrong cant blame the money making loa can we
    we are all suckers whether it is with religion spiritual practise of silopsistic practises like loa..
    just wish i had ended up with a different hope practice than loa

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      Hello Andrew,

      There’s only one thing better than the love and joy –and that’s sharing and celebrating it. Such a treat to connect with you, thanks,


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