What is inner peace?

Inner peace implies something different and in opposition to outer peace. It implies independence from outer peace.
But our society believes that our inner peace is dependent upon our outer peace, and so we are continually trying to control outer things, people, and events in order to ensure our inner peace.

The end of seeking is just the beginning

I stopped seeking, but that does not mean you stop living. In fact, it means you have just started living! I did not stop seeking because I gave up; I stopped seeking because I was given everything. There is nothing more desired. The end of wanting and seeking is not boring…

“I know” is the evil eye

What we are actually saying when we say this, is “I know a memory I have about something that (I perceive) happened in the past.” When you claim to know someone’s thoughts, feeling, or purpose, you are doing what in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is called “mind reading.” The factual truth is, unless someone tells you their experience, thought, or purpose, you don’t know.

Stress is not a circumstance

Stress is not a circumstance
Study finds strong link between strokes, stress
In “Study finds strong link between strokes, stress” in the Ottawa Citizen today, Dr. Michael Hill, co-chair of the Canadian Stroke Congress and Director of the acute stroke unit at Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, says “Not everyone who has stress has stroke. But is it a contributor? Absolutely.”

This begs the obvious and so perhaps overlooked question:
“What is stress?”
While Hill says “There is no doubt that the things that happen in people’s environment — their life, their ability to manage and interact with their life — results in changes in their biology which puts them potentially at risk.” Here we see that Hill believes, like most people in our society, …

Double Rainbow, What Does It Mean?

He exclaims “Oh my god” over and over, crying and laughing in ecstasy, asking “what does it mean?!” Many of you have probably seen a double rainbow, and may wonder, what’s the big deal? When you start acknowledging the miracle and mystery, and beauty around you, you will begin to know and experience the miracle and mystery, and beauty within you. Watch Peter Russell’s presentation on “The Primacy of Consciousness” below. (A must watch; just over an hour, and worth every minute.) But do not stop at intellectual understanding, because even Peter admits that knowing it as thought is not Knowing It. Knowing It, you know the joy of all experiences from the sublime to the ecstatic, the joy of all creatures great and small – and the joy of all things from a blade of grass to a double rainbow.

Faster Than the Speed of Mind

The scooter shot across two lanes, and once again I was thankful there was no cross traffic. The driver of the car was shocked but unhurt. My legs shook uncontrollably and a short while later, the emergency vehicles began to arrive. Most of the pain seemed the same as the old injury, only aggravated, and the x-rays showed nothing broken. But when the doctor cautiously opened the neck brace and checked my neck, pressing along it, one spot drew a squeal from me, and I said “That was new!” He quickly closed the neck brace, strapping me back in, and ordered a CAT scan.