Take a leap with me

A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for. ― Albert Einstein

No turning back…

Take a Leap with Me!


There comes a time to take the leap and commit 100%.

I am there now. Continue reading to learn how my leap in business can spark and support your leap in consciousness, happiness, and inner peace.

When we look in one direction, we cannot look in another. We cannot not move in another. We cannot have or experience anything else.

Life, and Alchemy, is like that: when you put your attention on what you don’t want, you get it. When you put your attention on what you do want, you get it. Both cannot happen at the same time–it is one or the other! Still, this can be used.

We can come to a point where we turn away from seeking happiness from the world, and we seek it within. But it cannot be half-hearted, or it will fail. It seems everyone knows (mentally) that peace love and joy are within, yet they are still seeking it elsewhere and as a result, going without, and getting frustrated or even angry.

In 2009 I turned away from the world and discovered infinite and unshakable joy, love, and peace within, and I wrote my first book, “Alchemy.” I have been moonlighting as a print and web consultant in the side, ever since, so my attention, resources and energy have been split. This month marks a turning point for me as I take a business leap of faith, let go of moonlighting as a consultant, and dive full-time into helping people realize and embody the inner joy and freedom I have been gifted with.

In last night’s Teleclass I expounded on that, on doing what we do in the world, while being love and joy. Or as it was said thousands of years earlier, “Being in this world but not of it.”

Here’s how my leap in business can spark and support your leap in consciousness and inner peace:

For the month of March only I am giving away private, one-on-one Alchemy sessions for only $20 each. Yes, $20 to make your life-altering leap. You will never see this low a rate again! (My regular rate is $1,000 for six sessions.)

The sessions must be bought in March and can be used any time via Skype or telephone. Since it generally takes a few weeks of support for this new way of being to integrate sufficiently, there is a minimum of 6 sessions, for a mere total of $120. I am only accepting 10 people at this rate in March.

Reserve your leap now!

You will be given a link to pick dates and times on my calendar. There are only 21 days left in March, book now! (You may also buy 12 sessions at this rate, but only in March.)

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