The end of seeking is just the beginning

I stopped seeking, but that does not mean you stop living. In fact, it means you have just started living! I did not stop seeking because I gave up; I stopped seeking because I was given everything. There is nothing more desired. The end of wanting and seeking is not boring; it is deeply peaceful and richly delightful because when not in the dead head, you are directly experiencing the blissful joy of the miracle of life. So is the secret to stop seeking? No, you cannot stop seeking until the false is revealed, because the Truth will nag at you and drive you. Stopping seeking is an effect, not a cause. The arrogance of believing you know who you are must fall away. That is what ego is. An idea of your very self. A healthy dose of doubt has to creep in. When humility starts to crack the shell, the real work can begin. All other efforts before then only serve to puff up the ego.

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