The myth of spiritual inner work


Many people think being “spiritual” is working on themselves within. But spirituality has nothing to do with inner work because: there is no separate self within.

That’s not to say that you don’t exist.

The true form of spiritual life is not a turning within to come up with a new version and story about yourself, but an opening up, wide up, wider and wider until there is no within or without, until the false, non-existent, merely apparent separate self is dissolved in the ocean of the totality of the One reality.

The sense of the separate self within is really the activity of contracting and localizing of attention and interest around the body and mind, and identifying yourself with those objects–which you are aware of, and therefore cannot be.

How is this possible, and what am I actually, specifically, tangibly taking about? This is not “woo-woo.”

(If you don’t thoroughly understand what your powers of attention and interest are, then you can join a free webinar to have an experience of them, so you can recognize what is actually going on and take conscious control of the five powers you were born with, but have been operating automatically, causing unconscious havoc in your life.)

This contraction and localization of the imaginary “inner” self instantly creates, as a byproduct, the sense of “other” outside. It must! Because while you have drawn a line in the sand and said “me,” you cannot do away with what’s on the other side of that line. So now it is relegated to the role of “other.” And thus you have the appearance of separation.

“I” comes first, before “other-than-me,” a.k.a “you.” Without a localized I, there can be no “other.”

So question your apparent self, and surrender it, or recognize that all it is, is a contraction of yourself, a mere self-image, and not your true reality. You are not who or what you believe you are.

Do not confuse this with the non-dualistic idea that you don’t exist at all. That is a dead end, and your true reality is not dead–it is unimaginably potent, vast, and rich.

There is a purpose in looking closely to see and discover that who you think you are is unreal. When you see the truth of your non-reality (as what you think you are), it can clear the way to have a direct experience of your real Self.

That’s because the false self idea overlays and appears to veil the truth, by your power of interest and attention, enabled by your lack of discernment between thoughts, reality, and your Self.

Without this direct discernment you will only be able to see what the mind believes to be true, the illusion of separation, and not the actual truth of the One reality. The true and only Self.

Discover what ego and the separate self is, and begin this unraveling, to clear the way to see the truth that has always been (and always will be)–the One reality–at the Ego Boot Camp.

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