The true story of suffering that led to joy

teevensThis is the true story of suffering that led to The Alchemy of Love and Joy™, a simple practice anyone can do that will create a life full of constant joy.

“Massive grief overwhelmed me as I curled into a sobbing ball, and intense wave after wave of pain and suffering racked through my shaking body. A voice not my own welled-up, and wailed-out from some unknown place within. My poor father, unable to bear his hellish burden any more, had shot himself.”

Cindy is the author of The Alchemy of Love and Joy™.  The practice came through her own suffering and later discovery of joy, and it emerged and took form in words to help someone else.

“The last 4 days have almost been continuously like this. Shivers tingling up and down my body give rise to goosebumps. I beam at strangers everywhere—and they beam back! Even sitting alone, smiling, my happiness and pleasure grows. My thoughts now bring me joy, peace. It wasn’t always like this, though…”

You can download and read the first five chapters below. The whole book also includes more information and key guidance on using The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ —and comments on the natures of thought, suffering, ego, unconditional love, radical change, and eternal joy, from the inside-out.

Here are basic instructions on how to use The Alchemy of Love and Joy™. To practice effectively, read the whole e-book, and better yet, get guided through the practice by Cindy at an event.

This true story and uncommon look at life will have you re-thinking the nature of experience, reality, your intention, purpose—and maybe even your whole life.

Joy is spontaneously awakening in many people, and now it can be done consciously. Read true examples of people practicing The Alchemy of Love and Joy™.

You can use The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ anywhere, any time, and for everything including: illness, stressful thinking, losing weight, grieving, anxiety, connecting with the deceased, motivation, couples, abundance, fears, break-ups, missing someone, poverty, depression, undesired habits, improving relationships—or simply for the pure joy of it!

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