Top 100 Spiritual Books

MeJoy_smallThe Alchemy of Love and Joy™ is in the Top 100!

Thank-you all for making it happen!

“Alchemy” is in the top 100 in the “Next Top Spiritual Author” contest, out of about 2,500 books. While this is a good sign, anything can happen and the bulk of votes are yet to come, so please keep talking about The Alchemy of Love and Joy™, and send people to this link.

On May 3rd voting ends and the top 250 books will advance to the next round.

In Round Two we write and submit a book proposal to a panel of judges that will make up the majority vote. (Each author in the contest also assesses another author.).

Only 25 authors advance to Round Three, where an expert panel of authors, publishing experts, and the publisher Hampton Roads Publishing will review submissions and then choose the final five authors including the winner of the grand prize.

This contest mimics the way authors need to work to promote their book and make it successful. It has been a fantastic boost in getting many important messages out there, including The Alchemy of Love and Joy™. So I am very pleased and already consider this effort a full success. Whether we win placement in this contest or not, I will continue the effort to share with passion the end of suffering and birth of unconditional love.

Glowing in great gratitude,


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