What if you fell in love with love itself?

I fell in love with love itself, and pursued it like a lover, always keeping it on my mind. Bursts of ecstasy and bliss resulted and then they spontaneously took over and pursued me. I lost interest in seeking any worldly “happiness” from things, people, or events of the world, which was absolutely nothing compared to this joy. For months I lived in love, joy, peace, and bliss until, seeking the only thing left that mattered–Source/God/Truth–a supernova explosion of love at my chest and up through my head knocked me to my knees, crying. I looked up and saw the trees as myself, as everything is. Time, space, self, other, thought, and speech all ended. The outrageous laughter at the cosmic joke threw me into the snow, tickling every cell from the belly of being. I laughed and cried until the sun went down. Seek joy! Seek joy until you cause joy! Seek joy until you know you are joy! ~ Cindy Teevens


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