What is inner peace?

Inner peace implies something different and in opposition to outer peace. It implies independence from outer peace.

But our society believes that our inner peace is dependent upon our outer peace, and so we are continually trying to control outer things, people, and events in order to ensure our inner peace.

This activity backfires, and actually ensures that we never discover the independence of our inner peace from outer things, people, or events.

Is not until we are irrefutably denied some outside thing, person, or event, that we have the opportunity to discover our independent inner peace.

Being denied what you think you have to have does not guarantee you will discover unassailable inner peace. That’s why I say being denied something is an opportunity, because most people in that situation will not make this discovery, and instead will simply suffer.

Not knowing any better and believing they must suffer, they may become mentally ill, depressed, or even suicidal.

I’m not talking about outer circumstances like war, famine, disaster, or pestilence. Most of our sufferings in this society are not related to sustaining life; they are about the story in the mind about things, people, or events that are not even life-threatening. These sufferings are with, through, and as, imaginary thought.

However, there have been people in even the most horrific circumstances, such as concentration camps, who discovered the happiness and peace within that cannot be touched by anything or anyone on the outside. Thank God for that reality, truth, and possibility, which is available to everyone, no matter what.

It’s because it is thoughts, believed-in, that make us happy or unhappy, that therefore outside circumstances cannot touch the inside.

Nobody can make you believe any thought. Nobody can make you contemplate or experience bad thought-feelings.

So understanding thoughts, what they are and what they are not, where they come from, what fuels them, and what deprives them of energy becomes very critical to your freedom, happiness, and inner peace.

If you are ready to question what you have taken for granted your whole life, this idea that things people or events hurt you or make you happy, then you are ready and fit for the unlimited happiness and inner peace which is your birthright.

Are you really willing to question and let go of this idea? Until you are ready, you will not make this discovery, the second greatest potential discovery of your life.

How do you become ready? First we should ask some other questions. What was the purpose of believing that others hurt you? Is it so that you know the “cause,” so that you can do something about it, so that you can be happy?

Can you actually do anything about others, reliably consistently, in your favor? If you’ve lived long enough with open eyes, it is beginning to dawn on you that you can’t control others. And that the strategy you use to protect yourself actually requires effort and causes pain, suffering, and anxiety.

Looking closely and soberly at the truth of what causes pain makes you ready to let go of that strategy.

Are you ready to let go, so that you can discover something else far more powerful and reliable?

Do you want inner peace more than you want the outside to change? if so, then you cannot be denied, because you are ready to receive what is already yours.

Now instead of looking outside yourself, all you have to do is look within for what you want.
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The power of shifting your state to access a better feeling gives you access to wisdom and inner peace that will drastically improve your interactions and outcomes with people, almost magically.

So, enjoy the joy–just because you can!

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