What is Self-Realization?

Self-realization does not mean everyone around you perceives you as warm and fuzzy. How they perceive and feel is their business. This is also true before Self-realization. Each is the master and authority of themselves. Otherwise what is the point of Self-realization? Warm and fuzzy does not mean someone else is realized; it means you are feeling warm and fuzzy.

Questioner: Good morning Cindy. Can you explain to me in layterms the concept ” self realization” . Obviously it has something to do with our true selves and has nothing to do with our EGOIC self and our EGOIC identity. Is that a safe assumption?

Cindy Teevens Good morning : ). Great question, and my post this morning on ego may help (check it out). Self-realization only appears to exist because you are not who you think you are. Ever stop to consider this statement? Of course, you are who you are, that can never change, but you are thinking you are something you are not. There’s been a case of mistaken identity. First the false must fall away (can’t see the rope when you think it’s a snake). When you thoroughly question what you think you know and whole heartedly, earnestly, single-mindedly seek the Truth, or God, or your true Self, then Self-realization may be revealed to you. It leaves no doubt and no more questions. All sense, idea, and experience of separation is stripped away. That which you used to think you were is gone, and yet you remain, as you always were. This is the cause of the laughter. Without self and other what is there to be afraid of? This is the cause of vast love and joy in this recognition. It is all spontaneous and cannot be imagined or elicited because the experience is not the cause of Self-realization; Self-realization is the cause of the experience. You can’t have the fireworks without lighting the fuse. Does this help?

Questioner: Yes Cindy, it does help. It points in a direction to take . I will put in the energy and conscious effort to investigate the facts you are describing for me. Again thanks for pointing the way.

Cindy Teevens Excellent! Check out the video “Exposing the ego” Dear Self Live 2 for more “clues”…

    Exposing the ego ~ Dear Self 3

What is the ego, actually? Not as a concept or idea, but actually. Can you know it, without doubt, in your own direct experience? Let’s get Real :).


Dear Self

You are seeking answers to why you feel, act, and react the way you do, or maybe you are even questioning who you are. When the student is ready, the teacher appears (to appear). No matter where answers appear to come from–your mentor, a book, your friend, enemy, dog, or a tree–ultimately, they come from within, from your Self. So ask away, because the Truth is available, here and now. Welcome to the catalystic conversation that can unveil it.

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