What is the ego?

Cindy Teevens People say things like “My ego tries to lead me astray,” as if ego is another person or entity within them, which they are at the effect of. Then there is you and ego; subject and object, separation. But this is only a mental concept–there is no ego as an entity. So how can the ego “try” anything, and how can it have any effect on you? When you get real, the illusion starts to collapse. There is only you, so what is it that you are actually seeing, knowing, hearing or sensing that you are imaging to be ego? Catch glimpse of it’s true identity and you will recognize yourself.

Questioner: Is this the condition of the 3 d mind, subject and object…as you say the delusion of separation? I think in the A course in miracles philosophy call this the wrong mind. Is that correct .?

Cindy Teevens Sounds about right to me. I was not a student of ACIM, but after I began to share, many of my readers told me about the parallels in the book I never read, and asked me if I had read it. They started quoting and I loved the quotes!

Commenter: “right mind” ::
Conventional: A state of sanity and decency that one can be in.

ACIM: A state of mind and a place in one’s mind that is completely sane. The home of the Holy Spirit, right-mindedness, forgiveness and miracles. It is still within the separated mind, but is the solution to the separation. This level of mind is totally unconscious, except for brief, occasional flashes. Yet the goal is to make it our normal conscious state of mind. See T-5.I.3:3-6.

Questioner: Yes [Commenter] . Decency and sanity only come when we move out of the conditioned wrong ego mind and follow the holy spirits purpose .

Commenter: “wrong-mindedness”

The opposite of right-mindedness, the state of mind based on the ego’s thought system, which is the source of false perception (see description in true perception) and of all human ills. “Wrong-mindedness listens to the ego and makes illusions; perceiving sin and justifying anger, and seeing guilt, disease and death as real” (C-1.6:1). Used only in the first four chapters of the Text and clarified in the Clarification of Terms.

Questioner: Also according to ken wapnick phd when we ” become right- minded” we ACCEPT the facts that are open for investigation that all the great wisdom traditions give to all. Accepting these facts is always empowering. The problem is that most people don’t pull their egos out of contempt prior to any type of investigation, but without an investigation their is NO SALVATION and NO FREEDOM from BONDAGE of the wrong ego mind

Commenter: … just for clarification…. when you describe …. >>”The problem is that most people don’t pull their egos out of contempt prior to any type of investigation”<< ….

… in essence are you saying … “judgmental egoic thinking” … has not stopped…. and is till held onto (clinging) …. therefore… ego has not been surrendered…. therefore, “right mindedness” will not unfold Naturally…

Commenter: … in Cindy’s clear and articulate description… it’s as if we humans have an unconscious tendency to ascribe “responsibility” onto an imaginary separate “ego”… even though the “ego” does not exist except in a fantasy…. yet, as we “interact” with it, in our imagination… it actually appears to become real… so real we can even become afraid of it’s power…. boo! LOL

Questioner: Yes [Commenter] i believe we are saying the same thing. That judgmental thinking is one of the main problems with the wrong mind and the other main problem with the wrong mind is that is ” has an authority problem” . So again between the wrong minds judgmental thinking and its arrogant pride it hates ” all spiritual concepts and all spirituality” . King ego in the wrong mind does not want to give up his throne and to let GOD be the ” center of the universe” . Not without a fight.

Commenter: ps… i don’t mean to make light of the seriousness of the question…. well… maybe now… but only completely…

Cindy Teevens Judgmental thinking is not a problem, in itself. Do not engage in war with the mind. A judgmental thought can come and go harmlessly. It will do so as long as there is not belief in a functioning “I-thought” within it. Without the “I,” no thought is judgmental, it’s just a thought. We need not be so concerned with thought (and judging them right/wrong) as with the sense of “I, me, mine, or you” in them; the thought of individuality. That’s why, when this “I” is questioned and seen for what it is, there is nothing else to do–certainly nothing to do with the thought. “Wrong mind” is not wrong thought, it is wrong “I.” It is mistaken identity.

Cindy Teevens Yes [Commenter] investigation is critical, but investigation of the I-you-think-you are, not the content of the thoughts. If you play in that arena, it’s pointless and will be endless because thought is unlimited imagination. Everything hangs on and comes out of and after the “I.” If the first error is made in identity, does anything else matter that comes after it? People don’t tend to question who they think they are, nor investigate what is then taken for granted and overlooked. This “I” they think they are can concoct many “reasons” to resist looking. That is the spell. There has to be enough softness, curiosity, pain, desire for freedom, love, or surrender to take a real look to break the spell.

Questioner: Ok Cindy. Pain and a desire for freedom for the mind seems to motivate me. Pain seems to get my attention this last week, dealing with some ” Unresolved post traumatic injuries” . The never ending cycle of the disease of addiction. I am making progress and speaking with you on this group with you and sharing these experiences helps bring more and more clarity. For me that is huge Cindy. I will take clarity over confusion any day. Thanks for being you and your willingness to share your freedom with us on this group.

Commenter: … i totally agree [Questioner]… there is something about Cindy’s sharp and “direct seeing” that brings light and clarity to any questions… and i also believe we all have this same capability within each of us… so thank you Cindy…. you are a blessing and a light to share with the world…

Questioner: Thanks [Commenter] for sharing from the heart and being authentic about your experiences also. It brings healing and a level of confidence also for me and being in a community of like minded people who want the same things in life.

Cindy Teevens Thank-you [Questioner] for your open-hearted sincerity in looking. You inspire hope in human kind. Know that there may actually be confusion at first, as your direct experience contradicts and clashes with your old beliefs. It is erasing the false. Becoming not-knowing (which could be confused with being confused) is to stop asserting the “I” thought that knows; become comfortable with the silence and stillness of not-knowing, as it is safe and true. To “forget your Self” is to remember the “I-thought,” it is to know I-thought knowledge. This may be the reference to the story of eating from the tree of knowledge. Know a thought as a thought, and don’t bite . Biting hurts, and it is the gift of pain that wakes us up. Be grateful for the pain, and use it. When an infant falls on the floor, it does not lay there cursing the floor. It uses it to push off from. In this way use the pain of the I-thought, again and again, to “remember” and stay as your Self.

Cindy Teevens And, thank-you for the feedback, so long as there is value, I will keep posting.

Cindy Teevens Thank-you [Commenter] for sharing your knowledge/insight of ACIM, and for contributing to the existence, operation, and usefulness of this group.

Cindy Teevens PS–Yes, we do all have the same capability for direct seeing, in fact you can’t *not* directly see. Just notice the mental interpretation about the I and what it thinks it sees; it will drop–and you will see that you see, [Commenter].

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