What will happen when I drop ego?

Many people are afraid of dropping ego, they think they might be unable to function, and may just vegetate out on a park bench for life. Nothing can be further from the Truth. Well, you may be debilitated for a short while, laughing.

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  1. Hello Cindy,

    I have been watching all your videos but on the fence how you can help me.

    I also have been following Mooji for over 5 years and have such a burning desire to awaken from my toxic mind and live the life I was meant to live. His videos bring me such peace and contentment but I cannot seem to sustain that silence on my own. I love papaji videos where he says just be quiet!

    I am so skeptical about about the internet being just a money grab so I am hesitant in investing in anything online.

    Over my lifetime I have invested in self help and Spiritual groups etc only to be disappointed and disillusioned feeling scammed at the end. I had my own awakening experience 20 years ago that quickly faded away leaving me on this search for truth which has made me susceptible to be led astray in many directions by different religions and organizations who claim to have the truth! Which is why I no longer trust my judgement at times when choosing the correct teacher.

    I have so far studied the course of miracles, zen Buddhism, sicence of mind, breath technology, Jehovah’s witness, Mormonism, raised Catholic…….I guess I have been searching my whole life for truth. When I was only 8 years old I remember going to church every morning before school wanting God to give me a sign. After a few months I gave up and remember how disappointed I was. That was the same time the priest who I adored left the church and married my teacher…….And my confusion and distrust about my world began!

    What makes your teachings any different than the other thousands of self claimed enlightened beings who offer their guaranteed courses online and by skype? It seems when I find someone who sounds legit then comes the request for money and my back goes up! Shouldn’t truth be free!

    I do trust Mooji and I feel that he is enlightened but I cannot afford his retreats on my retirement income. I live in Ontario Canada and hope some day he makes a trip here.

    Thank you

    1. Post

      Hello Louise,

      Thanks for writing, and sharing so warmly.
      You’ve had quite the spiritual “adventures.”

      It seems we have to go through this, to seek, look everywhere. Until we quit looking outside ourselves.

      However we have to receive the message from the outside, because that is where we are looking, to look inside.

      You’ve crossed that point.

      And yes, Truth is free. Getting (truly getting) the message from the outside to look inside for truth, may cost.

      Truth is free, but bodies cost. Even Ramana Maharshi had living costs. (Though much less, when he lived in a cave.) He never asked for anything, but her received plenty. As does Mooji. Don’t let ideas about money get in your way.

      Because money can’t help nor hinder you–but ideas about it can.

      Including the idea that you are limited, or on a limited income. (Throwing that one out, who knows what abundance you can discover.)

      Money never ceases to surprise an open mind.

      Don’t put anything in your way. Mentally.
      Nothing. Drop it all.

      I used to be poor (materially, but not mentally). And I used to wish Mooji would come here.
      But I got impatient. Irrationally impatient for Truth (and Mooji—-I just couldn’t wait for him anymore.)

      Truth is here and now. Don’t wait for anything.


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