Why Fighting to Feel Good Fails

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Listen to this free, real life audio recording of a conversation between Cindy and a Client last week. See my notes below on the session.

In this free audio, Cindy and the Client discuss:

  • Why Fighting to Feel Good Fails
  • What to do about troublesome thoughts
  • Where do thoughts come from?
  • What is “space” around a thought?
  • Not using your power of Interest
  • A non-relationship to thought
  • Doing not doing. The effortlessness of Being
  • The Client’s 6 week experience of peace and joy
  • Your Power of Discernment
  • How thoughts downward cycle
  • How the “You can achieve anything” mindset can result in miserable failure
  • The victim-hood of blame
  • Competition, the need to win
  • How to “get this experience of space again” and to “not to lose it”
  • The false “i” and the real You.

The Client says:

“There seemed to be something…other…which is not thought. Space around thought. What happened there, where does space go?”

“I’ve always been on the chase, like having to change something. It seems to wear me down.”

“Thoughts can go completely crazy. Some are really disturbing.”

Listen to my responses. You might also like my quicksand analogy regarding thoughts.

Check it out!



Cindy’s Notes:

The client recognizes “Thoughts can go completely crazy,” which indicates discernment and that thoughts can make no sense. They are not true. This recognition and an opportunity to reject and ignore thoughts.

The comment, “Some are really disturbing,” indicates there is still some belief in thought as true. There are no thoughts that are disturbing, there is only you disturbing thoughts, via believing them, putting your power of attention on them, entertaining them…

As I said in a previous session, I don’t care what thoughts arise. Let the ugliest, most vile thoughts arise; don’t be afraid of them. Be not interested in them… Then they are harmless, no matter how ugly they appear.

The comment, “There were bothersome thoughts but there was also this space,” proves how thought can be harmlessly present, momentarily. If you don’t touch them, via not putting your powers of attention or interest in them (via discerning them as painful and pointless), they go away.

Ride through the mind, no matter what it offers you up as options. Eventually it will run out of anything new to grab your attention with. You will begin to see its the same old, and lose interest completely.

Re: the quicksand analogy – I said it may be a hard habit to overcome, the desire to get out, but once you know that the more you fight and wiggle, the deeper you sink – then the easier it gets to be still.

But you needed to have that knowledge. Now you do, and you can’t ever not know it again.

Peace, love, and joy to you,


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