Why it hurts to question yourself, and why you should anyway

People often don’t like it (at first) when we begin to closely look at their dearly held ideas and beliefs about themselves and the world.

They don’t want to question it. I was intrigued when I started questioning. And shocked. Shocked at what I didn’t know (but only thought I did), shocked at how hollow and empty concepts are, shocked with the realization that everything I thought I was did not exist, that I was not who I thought I was… Afraid to let my ideas and beliefs go because I had nothing else. But we must do so, if we want Truth.

The clearing away of the false is what will reveal the Truth that was always the case, and was just fogged over. Let me tell you–the Truth is astronomically, infinitely more glorious than the false. Only those who’ve had enough of chasing the false, enough pain, enough struggle, will be willing to really look. Only those who will not settle any more for ideas, fantasies, will muster up the courage to look.

The empty concepts are so glaringly obvious… we have people going around grandly proclaiming “We are one!” and yet snap and snarl the next moment at what the “other” just said or did. Is the jig not up? When will we wake up and at least see this incongruency? This ignorance. This arrogance. When will the fire for Truth, and nothing less, be lit within? That is the beginning of the end of the false self (ego).

Today someone asked who my influencers are, and what my model of the world is. I don’t have a model of the world, I have the world itself. Directly. No model needed. Well, that’s since 2010. Prior to that my model was the same as everyone else–it was the inherited one that we pass down generation after generation:

That “I” was “born” (somehow never existed before, and suddenly do), will suffer, grow old, and die. That “I” am separate from others and the world. That “I” exist within it. That “I” can be hurt, and have to protect myself. Now I know how backwards and inside-out that is!

In 2010, the false sense of self fell away, thought fell away–speech was not even possible for a while. I saw directly and plainly with this body-mind what this world is, I saw the trees *are* my very Self, as everything is. Like looking in a mirror. I laughed outrageously–and still laugh–at this joke. That there are no others, no separation in any form, that all is the same Self.

Until this is recognized, we can only adopt nice conceptual ideas about it. They also keep us stuck because, well, they are just concepts, ideas, hopes–thought. The world is not your idea of it. Push beyond, go beyond. Everyone has the opportunity to directly realize the same, and all the problems, nonsense and seeking will stop. It’s over. You quit needing and seeking the models and authority of others, because now you directly Know.

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