Why would she say that?

When you ask yourself Why would s/he say that? (or do that.) Where is that answer going to come from? Is it going to come from him/her? No! It’s going to come from you. It’s going to be the reasons why you would have done it.

If you can’t find a reason, it’s going to come from your negative thoughts, beliefs, and fears (because you are always on the defensive, trying to protect yourself, when in fact this hurts yourself.)

Who cares about why you would have done it? Is that what you want to know? Is that useful in any way? In fact, it is harmful. Instead of believing your mind read about others, which is really just your crap–be curious instead, and ask them about their purpose, their truth. (Don’t ask “why” – that just communicates judgment.)

You just might deepen your relationship, rather than destroy it. That’s what mind reads do.

If it feels bad, don’t accept it–suspect it.

Use the practice of Alchemy to clean up your crap first, then you are ready to hear truth. 

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