You cannot feel someones love

You cannot feel someone’s love

This morning I woke with a dream in memory, and noticed a feeling that is not my norm, not joyful. I dreamt of someone who I’d like in my life giving attention to someone else. Immediately I began The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ practice…

1) “What do I want?”

Hmmm… this took a moment or two as the dream fog cleared…and then it came:
“I wanted to feel that person’s love.”

2) “How does that person’s love feel?”

As I reached for the feeling, wonderful images, smiles, and loving memories flashed, and a warm, tingly sensation began to flow through my body.

3) “Is this what I prefer to feel?”

Yessssssss hehe.

4) “Feeling this way, how do I act?”

I reflected on the dream, and enjoyed the other’s enjoyment, happiness, and interaction. And my pleasure grew as a smile stretched across my face.

5) “Is this what I prefer to do, give, or send?”

Definitely, I wanted to “send” or connect with that person with love. As I continued to enjoy those sensations, the overall feeling of love grew, expanded, and enveloped me. I snuggled deeper into the pillows and sheets, and my body warmed as if glowing. Hmmm it is happening again, as I write LOL.

The love got better and better, and at the peak I recognized that this was exactly what it felt like when that person was here, “giving” (I thought) love. And a realization was re-affirmed:

I created the feeling then when they were there, just as I am now.

The cause was not the other person, then–as it is not now. A playful giggle rose, followed closely by laughter. The cosmic joke is so close.  Oh yes, and what of that discomfort I woke with? Long gone, and long forgotten. I lingered longer in bed, savouring the love and then the growing bliss from experiencing a larger expansion of who we are. Joining the others in the kitchen, my great-big-grin and the all-over warmth persisted for hours into the morning. I wondered what they thought. LOL. –Seek Joy!


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