You never know and oh what a gift

You never know and oh what a gift

When you stop thinking that you know how some experience “should” be, about what “should” happen, about when you “should” arrive, about who “should” or “should not” be there, and what they “should or should not” be doing, then things flow, you are in alignment with life—and suffering ceases. When you respond and not react, when you become natural and spontaneous, the same way life unfolds, life becomes rich with possibilities and adventure.

I don’t know how many times I thought I was “late” only to find that I was perfectly on time to not be in a car accident.

I have also given-up on the idea (and these are just ideas, judgments, really) of procrastination. If you are not doing something, there is a reason. Recognize and honour that reason, and get on with that. What would life be like without limiting yourself through a label?

Last week I decided to deliver books locally to be sure people had them in time for Christmas. I thought I’d just be popping them into the mail boxes. Well, it turned-out that one address had no access to the boxes, so I had to buzz. The thought passed “Oh, no one will be home at 2:30 during the weekday,” but as I said, it passed, and I buzzed… and I got to meet in person one reader who had also dramatically altered his life! Eye-to-eye, what a treat!! There was simply knowing, connection, and love.

Another reader wanted her book before leaving town, and so we met and it spontaneously grew into a tea, and then dinner, with great conversation.

Some most amazing experiences have come through being completely available to, in, and as the moment; like driving to a Buddhist retreat in Northern California and having no idea of the where, when’s, or why’s of the trip. I had purposely and consciously let all that go, relaxed, and every moment was a  flowering gift.
Certainly, uncertainty is the only place possibilities lie. Free yourself from what you thought you knew.

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