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What happened to her in the woods, and how that changed everything, and nothing…

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About Cindy

Cindy Teevens is an award-winning, international inner peace, happiness, and spiritual facilitator, exceptional and unique in helping people shift their state and perspective, transforming their lives, from the inside out.b

From Pain to Peace & Joy

Cindy-flowers-portrait_Six years after the suicide of her father, in one moment her own intense suffering was swapped for amazing joy, altering her life permanently. Happiness and peace became her predominant states. Laughter exploded at the simplicity and power of the shift, and tears of gratitude flowed.

Understandings began to come about how we have been living backwards, how we have mistaken the outside for the inside, and how we have tethered ourselves to the uncontrollable winds of change in the midst of freedom—and how we can return to truth, sanity, and peace.

She dropped everything she was doing to show people how to feel good no matter what because when you shift your state, problems dissolve, villains become victims, and compassion kicks in. So much gratitude came with this revelation, she now helps people awaken love and joy in their lives. There is no shadow dark enough to keep her from walking through it with you.

Cindy-workshop-web_Months after discovering joy, one day in the woods she was knocked to her knees by an explosion of love that was followed by the end of time and space, self and other.

Forty years of self baggage suddenly fell away.  The thinker and speaker she thought she was, was gone. Yet the Self remained. Cindy is writing about that “direct seeing” of Self in a third book she is working on. She is the author of Alchemy, How to Feel Good No Matter What, and The Happiness Lie, What Generations Have Been Told that Makes You Unhappy.

ramana-maharshi_ papaji_Nisargadatta_Maharaj_Bankei

Pointings from numerous guides struck home, including Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Zen Masters, Ramana Maharshi, Nisgardatta Maharaj, Mooji, Papaji, Jeff Foster, Bankei, and Adyashanti, sort of in that order.

Loving gratitude for the gift of each piece received is continuous. It was Papaji’s message on the video “Can you show me God?” which was pivotal before the “direct seeing.”

Speaking the Unspeakable with Mooji

On April 25th, 2010, on a live webcast, Cindy got in as the last caller to speak with Mooji…

Tools and Techniques

Cindy uses methods called Alchemy, Exposing the ego, Diamond Heart, Self-Inquiry, and Recognition of Truth to dispel false knowledge and doubts that obstruct our natural, peaceful, joyful, harmonious state.

The practice of Alchemy reverses perception and experience so that one may have the ultimate in forgiveness: recognizing that what they thought happened, never happened. For that reason, many of her readers identified parallels in her message with the teachings in “A Course in Miracles (ACIM).” The process she calls “Exposing the ego,” which she uses to help people directly discover who they are not in a fundamental, radical, irreversible way, came about through both her own experience with self-inquiry, and efforts to help clients realize the same thing.

Practical and Spiritual

Cindy calls the simple but powerful practice that anyone can do, “The Alchemy of Love and Joy.” It has been described as a cross between Byron Katie’s “The Work,” and Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now,” and Mooji’s satsang. Beyond transforming worldly lives, for those with deeper questions, she points out the false so it can fall away, and points to That which is eternal, and not of the world, thus bridging heaven and earth.

Bringing Light to Unconsciousness

Whether your pain is caused by your life not going the way you want it to, or whether you are plagued by thought demons in the mind, Cindy can help you break free. Through direct, tangible understanding of the natures of thought, feeling, and your self, and using the five powers everyone has, she shows people how to be happy and at peace without controlling thoughts or healing the past.

Cindy’s Background

Cindy is suicide awareness and intervention trained (ASIST), trained in Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), practices Zen, and embraces self-inquiry. She loves the woods and waters.

Cindy works with:

  • Healing from Hurt, Trauma, Abuse
  • Dating and Relationships, Divorce/Separation
  • Betrayal, Resentment, Conflict, Anger
  • Physical Pain, Terminal Illness, Death
  • Abandonment, Grief, Shame, Guilt, Low Self-Esteem, Fear
  • Spiritual Seeking

2015 Think Well Award

think-well-award-teevensCindy is the recipient of the Ottawa Health & Wellness Expo 2015 Think Well Award

Think Well – This person/business helps the people of Ottawa achieve better mental health. They assist their clients in overcoming mental health barriers and help them live happier, more productive lives. See more at Ottawa Health and Wellness Expo



Listen to this story about How The Alchemy of Love and Joy was born, and what happened to the Author

Alchemy chapter, read by the Author…

Cindy is the author of The Alchemy of Love and Joy™. The practice came through her own suffering and later discovery of joy, and it emerged and took form in words, to help someone else.  Her life has become happy and often ecstatic with the most simple things. She is excited to continue this adventure and wonders just how good it can become as she practices allowing more and more joy. She encourages the world to—Seek Joy!

Read more about the book here.

Now Cindy helps other people end suffering and awaken joy in their lives.

Cindy Teevens, Author/Alchemy Facilitator

“The last 4 days have almost been continuously like this. Shivers tingling up and down my body give rise to goose bumps. I beam at strangers everywhere—and they beam back! Even sitting alone, smiling, my happiness and pleasure grows. My thoughts now are joyful, peaceful. It wasn’t always like this, though…”

My father attempted suicide, and I found him. There was too much brain damage so we removed life support, and seven days later I was there when he passed-away. That experience started me on a quest; I promised Dad “This would not be for nothing.” One day, literally in the flash of a moment, I went from intense agony to amazing joy. My life changed dramatically, inside out. I became peaceful and joyful, and at times ecstatic, from just being alive. I had no words to explain what happened to me.

My own experience of transforming suffering into joy churned inside wordlessly, until the words were drawn through me to help a friend in need, and the practice of The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ was born. I was driven. I had to share this. I had been moving in a different direction; it was not my intention to write a book, I was thrown-into it by circumstance. Yet within four days I had the first book written, design, produced, printed, and a website up. I dropped practically everything else and began organizing groups to share and practice this with. The book and practice are now altering people’s lives. Alchemy has been described like a cross between Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and Byron Katie’s “The Work.” I look at it as a joyful way to question yourself into the power of now.

Master Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner training has supported my ability to guide people in finding their own happiness, yet the practice of Alchemy is so simple that it can be learned from a book. Due to working with a lot of people from common suffering to those experiencing suicidal pain, I took suicide awareness and intervention training. I have been a Zen student since just before Dad passed away. Love, Joy, and the Self (all synonymous), is my purpose, passion, and life.

Cindy currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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      Sweet! Thank-you Ronda ;-).
      And, even since childhood, we’ve been taught to wonder about everything–everything, that is–else–everything that is *other* than ourselves. Find out what you are, and then you will know what the stars are. Warmly, Cindy

  1. Hi Cindy, I saw your interview on BatGap and was very moved. As a result I followed up and listened to a few of your You Tube talks and personally I find that you present one of the clearest and most tangible approaches to achieving happiness. It truly resonants with me and is a practice I am applying and seeing a spark of change in my mindset. Just want to thank you for your generous spirit in sharing your approach to this path.

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  2. There’s less need for it now, but I enjoy Alchemy more than ever. If something sticks, Alchemy works. Every time. I’m also keenly aware that my ability to be usefully present to other people…is largely because of this practice. It has changed my life completely, and those changes ripple out to others every day. I’m more in awe of the practice the more I use it and facilitate it and see you facilitate it.

    1. Post

      Thanks Kai! I encourage people to go beyond using Alchemy only when “needed,” and raise your level of love and joy every day, all day. In this way, it can lead to the ultimate surrender and realization.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I love your heartful way to help us enjoying and celebrating life.
    I will hear and see your inspiring messages and discussions again and again
    I really want to awake, thank you so much for support!
    All the best

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      Hello Christian, thanks for dropping by, reading, and commenting. If this is your only desire, then it must be so. Raise the bar of your earnestness and sincerity beyond where you think it can go. Blessings, Cindy

  4. Hi Cindy,
    I’m interested to speak of which branch of alchemy you are following, I would enjoy speaking to you directly through email if you so feel comfortable, and thus we can discuss more in detail than a simple internet comment.
    Thank you

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  5. Hi Cindy!!! I hope everything is going well with your book! And more importantly your health! I thought I would write a quick post to catch up. Congrats on everything!! Take care Cindy.

    Adam Cripps

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  6. Cindy,

    I am so profoundly excited for you! Well deserved … and the world so needs your message!!!!!! Thank you muchly!!!!!

    Looking forward to November 15th’s final decision … but you are already a winner! (As are we in the knowing of your work … )

    In Light and Laughter,


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