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Look what people are saying about Cindy and her work…

I find you one of the few upcoming writers in this genre whose work rings true for me—whose head and heart are aligned. ~ Dan Millman, Bestselling Author, Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Can’t Stop Thinking?

Does the voice in your head keep you up at night, or distract you during the day? Does monkey mind tell you all manner of painful things? Everyone has thoughts in their heads, but does “the critic committee” sometimes get so loud and noisy that you seem to get carried away?

Does it get in the way of what you really want in life? What impact is this having on your life? How long has it been going on, and what if it is still going on three days, three months, or three years from now? These can be powerfully transformative questions to contemplate.

What do you want instead? What is stopping you from being where you want to be? I know it’s not easy, because I’ve been there, and because if it were easy, you’d already be there. When you are, what will you be like? How will you change? What will your relationships be like? How does that feel? Because I’ve been there and know what it’s like to struggle and stress, I’ve made a program to help people bridge the gap.

What do you want – Peace? Money? Love? Career? Spirituality?

What matters most to you? Just stop for a moment, and wonder…Why is that?

Is it because money makes you feel secure and abundant? With love you will feel connected? And with a career you will feel successful? So you want to feel good, right?

What if I told you that you can genuinely feel good without having those things? Or even in the face of adversity? What if we’ve been going at it backwards, attached to and needing these things?–and that it has been causing pain and loss…

And what if something else is possible, what if you could feel good first? If you felt good no matter what, what could you do? Then what could you accomplish?

Most importantly, no matter what you are doing, your being is what matters. You can begin to awaken to and experience joy in all you do in life, even through the ups and downs.

“You were born a bundle of joy. And you can reclaim it!” ~ Cindy Teevens

It happened to me

Six years after my father’s suicide, my world came crashing down as the last, most important thing in my life, the one thing that was “supposed” to be reliable, was torn from me.

For weeks I struggled and suffered intensely, mentally and emotionally. Then suddenly, right in the middle of it, all of that painful energy flipped-over into joy, love, bliss, and peace.

And I have never gone back, regardless of the outer circumstances, which then got apparently “worse.” A client refused to pay me thousands owed, bills were mounting up, friends became terminally ill, and work became scarce.

Yet in spite of that, my life became:

  • Happy
  • Empowered
  • Full of Love
  • Peaceful

At first I had no understanding or words for what happened. For weeks I lived on a high, like a kid who just realized she was in a candy store, and all the candy was free!

Until one day I arrived, pumped, at a friend’s place, and knew something was wrong with her. Then, remembering my shift while simultaneously being here and now, the words came through me to help her.

My friend shifted state, and it lasted, although the outer circumstances had not changed. (They did later, but that did not really matter, absolutely.) That is when I knew it was not just me, that others could do it, and I knew how. That and the immense gratitude I was feeling compelled me to drop everything and write the book. Since then The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ has been altering, and even saving, lives.

Don’t struggle with thoughts

Have you ever tried to force a good thought on a bad feeling? I have, and it only hurt more. Alchemy is the reversal of current self-help, expert advise to “think positively” because I discovered that you can shift your state and feel good first, and that when you do, positive thoughts flow easily and effortlessly. It literally turns your experience and relationships, your world, around.

You are a blessing from heaven. I needed to hear what you said in just the words you said. It’s like you were speaking directly to me. I am already telling EVERYONE about you and will continue to do so. I love the way you communicate and the effectiveness of the process you use – so simple and so powerful. Your clarity is beautiful and effective because you speak from direct experience. That is so evident. – Laurell Eden, recording artist and personal development teacher, New York City

Joy Beyond Belief

After using Alchemy to end suffering, I discovered it could be used to grow a good feeling. You are capable of much more joy than you have lived–or imagined! In fact, it has been your imagination that has limited it! That, and a life-long dose of painful conditioning. But it can be reversed.

“The cause of suffering is wanting something you are not giving yourself. You can give it to yourself any time.” ~ Cindy Teevens, Alchemy

Alchemy is utterly simple, yet it can sometimes be challenging to use at first, because of the habit of believing the complicated mind. To help people get the most out of this extremely powerful tool, I began personally guiding them through the practice. For this reason I have created support tools and a program to get you established in the habit of using a bad feeling, or suffering, for the only thing it is good for – to point you toward joy. You can participate in (or listen to) TeleClasses and Video Conferences from home, anywhere in the world. You even get private breakthrough sessions with me every month. There’s only so much time in a month, so there’s a limited number of members.

The Challenges to Peace and Joy

  • Deeply held conditioned beliefs that we must suffer
  • Conviction that things, people, or events make us happy and unhappy
  • We are good at hurting, and poor at feeling good
  • Every one else believes the happiness lie, and there’s pressure to conform
  • Other courses and programs are based on the happiness lie, so are never a final solution

“Love before you think. Alchemy is how.” ~ Cindy Teevens

Discover for Yourself

  • The true cause of happiness and pain
  • Your inner freedom and joy
  • How to live joyfully in a suffering society
  • A supportive group of like-minded people

This is a magical switch! This practice has literally switched the track I was on towards experiencing and wanting more and more joy! It is indeed alchemy as it transformed my experience before my open eyes and in my body and mind – and especially my heart. Thank you Cindy for so generously sharing your insight into how feeling joy is indeed important to cultivate. The truth really does set us free and how great to travel there on the wings of joy. – N. Ottawa

Be the change you want to see!

When you change your state, when you change how you feel, you change everything and everyone around you, because there is no separation.

Use suffering for the only thing it is good for,
to point you toward joy.” ~ Alchemy, Cindy Teevens

YES! I want to learn to use the powers we were born with to free myself from mental-emotional stress and suffering and know love and joy beyond belief.  I want you support and guide me through breakthrough Alchemy sessions over the next 90 days, to learn to use the practice and powers myself, for life.

You will begin working with me for up to four sessions a month, to do all of the following:

  1. Show me interactively what The Five Powers are and how to use them
  2. Help me to see and step beyond my conscious and unconscious limiting beliefs
  3. Show me how to shift state and embody the change I want to see in others
  4. Teach me your Two-Minute Technique to Inner Peace
  5. Show me how to begin knowing and growing feeling good, love, and happiness.

But that’s not all. I’ll also receive the following:

  • Access to the Inner Alcove Audio/Video Membership Program, delivering weekly lessons
  • A printed copy of The Happiness Lie (allow 4-6 weeks delivery).
  • A printed copy of Alchemy, How to Feel Good No Matter What (allow 4-6 weeks delivery)


  • Unedited MP3 audio recordings of our private Skype sessions (optional)
    (Those approved by Cindy for release, for an extra editing/processing/handling fee.)
  • Access to the weekly Alchemy Group Teleclass
  • 5 Happiness Mistakes People Make MP3
  • Alchemy Cheat Sheet PDF
  • Alchemy Antonyms Chart PDF
  • Guided MP3 Tour of Alchemy
  • Alchemy Quick Start Guide PDF
  • Sense Presence Meditation MP3
  • Email Q & A (up to 1 a week, 12 messages)

Cindy offers simple, practical tools to access lighter feelings and lift the mind. Her workshops give people experience in facing challenging circumstances and uncomfortable emotional and mental states, then accessing their own refuges within. ~ Robin Macdonald, Bereaved Families of Ontario – Ottawa Region

Inquire about joining the Master Your Mind Program here:

Every year Cindy accepts a limited number of participants in the Master Your Mind Program. It is an intensive 90-day program. You can have a free Discovery Session Telephone/Skype call to learn more.

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