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1: seemingly magical power or process of transmuting
2: an ancient practice focused on changing base metals into gold
3: an analogy for human transformation

The Alchemy of Love
and Joy™

Alchemy is a story of suffering transcended into joy and a practice that anyone can do to feel good–no matter what.

The book that is altering lives

In 2009, I had an experience of intense suffering transformed by and into love and joy. Happiness became my predominant state. Tears of immense gratitude flowed.

Laughter burst-out uncontrollably at the simplicity and power of this combination. How was it that we could not have known this before? So many understandings followed this amazing revelation, that I simply could not NOT share this gift.

This story includes the attempted violent suicide of my father, and his subsequent death. That triggered my quest to find inner peace and happiness, and in one moment my life changed, from the inside-out. There were no words for what happened for many weeks.

Understandings flowed about how we have been living backwards, how we have mistaken the outside for the inside, how we are much more expansive and vast we are and than we have been, and how you are capable of experiencing much more joy, bliss and love than you have experienced–or imagined!

“I’ve just had a session with Cindy. It is wondrous how quickly my experience has changed. From feeling sad, hopeless, discouraged and lost to feeling incredible peace, present, calm and a quiet joy that is expansive – expanding as I now speak about it.

This is a magical switch! This practice has literally switched the track I was on towards experiencing and wanting more and more joy! It is indeed alchemy as it transformed my experience before my open eyes and in my body and mind – and especially my heart.

Thank you Cindy for so generously sharing your insight into how feeling joy is indeed important to cultivate. The truth really does set us free and how great to travel there on the wings of joy.” – N., Ottawa

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The Alchemy of Love and Joy™

This true story and unusual look at thoughts, the nature of suffering, ego, unconditional love, radical change, and eternal joy will have you re-thinking the nature of experience, reality, your intention, purpose—and maybe even your whole life. Get more insight and guidance on practicing Alchemy.

The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ is a story of suffering transcended into joy, a book, and a practice that anyone can do to end suffering and live in joy.

“I knew something was seriously wrong when he did not answer the phone all weekend. No-one else had reached him either, and his voice mail was full. That was it, I could not take it any more, and I raced across the city.”

Cindy_treesCindy is the author of The Alchemy of Love and Joy™. In 2009, she discovered our ability to feel good, even in the face of adversity, during her own suffering and switch into joy, and later it emerged and took form in words, to help someone else. Her life has become happy and often ecstatic with the most simple things. She is excited to continue this adventure and wonders just how good it can become as she practices allowing more and more joy.

She encourages the world to—seek joy!

Learn how to master how you feel, no matter what is going on around you! Find the freedom that you are, that is your birthright. Nothing can ever hurt you again. You are capable of much more pleasure and joy than you have experienced or imagined.

What value do you put on joy? It’s priceless. Order the printed book to carry with you, read in bed, or give as a gift. Give the priceless gift of freedom, peace, and happiness.

“Grabbing the flashlight he gave me for Christmas, I trudged my way through the snow and into the house alone, calling for him. No answer. Finally brave enough to be quiet, and scared enough to be still, I heard his heavy breathing. It was almost his snoring–familiar, and somewhat relieving. But I was not prepared for the shock when I turned…”

This true story and unusual look at thoughts, the nature of suffering, ego, unconditional love, radical change, and eternal joy will have you re-thinking the nature of experience, reality, your intention, purpose—and maybe even your whole life. Get more insight and guidance on practicing The Alchemy of Love and Joy™.

“We don’t want things or people–we want the feeling we mistake them for.”
–C. Teevens

This astounding realization and the practice of “Alchemy” can free you from the ups and downs of this world. “Alchemy” is the radical reversal of current expert advice; don’t try to force a good thought on a bad feeling. Feel good first. When you feel good, good thoughts flow naturally and easily.

“You are capable of much more joy than you have livedor imagined!”
–C. Teevens

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That was another life-altering realization that I embodied after what happened to me. We are all born bundles of joy, and now I know that anyone can awaken that joy right now, and how.

My quest to end my suffering and find freedom came after the attempted violent suicide of my father and his subsequent death. Six years later my life changed completely in one moment, inside and out.

Laughter burst-out uncontrollably at the simplicity and power of it. Tears of immense gratitude flowed. Happiness and peace have become my predominant states. Understandings began to come about how we have been living backwards, how we have mistaken the outside for the inside, and how we can return to truth, sanity, and peace. This gift could not be contained or kept to myself–I was compelled to drop everything and write the book.

Using “Alchemy” you can feel good no matter what is going on around you.

Is there a purpose for suffering? Yes.

“Use suffering for the only thing it is good for
–to point you toward joy!”
–C. Teevens

Alchemy blows-out multiple beliefs we have held about who or what controls our happiness, and it teaches you how to become self-fulfilling. Self-fulfilled, you are not-attached to anything outside; you don’t need anything, or anyone, to be a certain way in order for you to feel good. Those and other outmoded beliefs have kept our level and frequency of joy at a bare minimum.
Unleash your joy!

If you like Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, or Abraham, then you must read The Alchemy of Love and Joy™.
It will help anyone who wants to stay present, stop suffering, and experience love and joy beyond what they have known.

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Readers are raving…


“I have only had fleeting moments of inexpressible joy. Actually only two I remember really clearly. You give me hope! I have read Hicks & similar books, love them all. Yes, conscious control was what was lacking in me, has taken me 60 years to learn this is possible!!!!!!!

I have Tolle’s books too. Your book has simplified it for me, or should I say, crystallized it for me. Yes you are absolutely right I often limit my own joy, put a lid on it! Silly me! I am constantly searching for answers and your answers are the clearest I have encountered.” —@GeorgeArtz

“I was your father two years ago! The only difference is I didn’t die. I just wanted to, but I couldn’t finish the job, even in the drunken, depressed, hopeless state I was in. I was gradually starting to feel less depressed and I am starting to become a good father again. I have read a few spiritual books like The Four Agreements, and A New Earth. I was convinced that spirituality was the answer. But when I read your book it was an instant spiritual awakening, now knowing that I can feel good all the time. I have begun to practice feeling good and guess what? It feels good!

Thank you again for sharing what you have learned. That is very loving of you! I will continue to read your book and continue to practice feeling good and continue to practice love.” —A., Ottawa

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“Your book is so good… it’s a breakthrough for me! A real breakthrough, I will read it over and over again because something clicked when I read this and I know that it’s the key that I was missing. This element that I was missing–every page, “yes, yes, yes, she’s right.”

I’ve been practicing law of attraction for four years now, but it seems that you gave me the key to my happiness, and I know that I will achieve it. I understand it, I can practice it, and I know it works. You made a big difference in my life just by reading your book. Thank-you!” —Christine, Ottawa

“Thank you for the wonderful book. I started to read it last night and could not believe the insights it brought. I plan on giving your website details out to all of my meditation students. I am certain that it will prove extremely helpful to them.

When you do begin traveling, if you are ever in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area, drop me an e-mail and I would love to help you in any way that I can….. maybe a book signing, or a lecture. Take care Cindy and THANK YOU” —Steve Sonnefeld, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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“Just having finally met you elevated my ‘energy’ and I am on a ‘rush’……you know the feeling when a long searched for puzzle piece is found and entered into the ‘waiting opening’!!

Thank you so much my ‘little bundle of JOY”, you certainly ‘walk the talk’ and I will practice, practice, practice. By the way here is what my friend from Vancouver wrote to me last night about Alchemy….—I.A, Ottawa:

Thanks so much for sending the ebook….I just read it and I’m tingling from head to toe. This is so IT! And the crazy thing is, I get it! And even better, I am BEING it!!!” —J. Myers, Vancouver

“I feel so happy and excited today. Like the others, this is not the first step on my journey. But, I believe, this step is the most important. WHY? Because you have given me the tools to find and work with what I want. I have read books that said simply STOP the negative thoughts. O.K. Meditate. O.K. But then what? (A favourite university prof one told me “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”) I now have a resplendent toolbox.” —Judith, Ottawa

“Cindy…You have truly found what Jesus meant when he said “the kingdom of Heaven is within.” You and your work are critical as we come into the next stage of human evolution.

I have passed your book on to loved ones who have also been dramatically changed. God Bless you in all your endeavors. I’m still following you on twitter which is where I discovered your book, your daily reminders are a great help to stop and feel the awesome presence of Joy within.”—Bruce Black, USA

More Readers Raving

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  1. Thank you for your wisdom – and the clarity with which you are presenting it. No need to go back to the Indian masters, when the truth can be laid out in such an easy way.

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  2. I want to get this book alchemy of love and joy…i could not find the book so if some one can send me the book than it will be great..thank you

    1. Post
  3. Loving your book…….truly life changing…..thx for the cheat sheet too ))
    Ur book is deep insight….which condition you can be immediately….need drops out…..feeling alone drops out…..U then allow yourself to be filled totally with what is reflected to you via life….love, joy, acceptance, being whole, being abundance….Thank YOU <3 <3

  4. Post

    Karah your timing is impeccable!
    I just released advance copies of the book, which can be ordered here, now (click on the buy button on this page), and I *just* launched a free new ecourse based on the book, which can be joined here, now: http://alchemylovejoy.com/ecourse/

    Thanks for visiting and commenting,
    I look forward to working with you,

  5. Hello, Cindy.
    I feel uplifted simply being on your site!

    Which is good news as my internal world has grown quite dark, and being aware that my thoughts shape/create my reality…can be a way to get stuck (paralyzed) as well as a way to get free.

    I’m searching the web pages here for to see how I can
    learn this practice NOW…in advance of the book coming out this fall.

    Please recommend where I can learn the Alchemy process.
    Many thanks.


  6. Post

    Hi Bob, thanks for connecting again.

    I can no longer provide the e-book in whole as the printed
    book is being launched in the fall, and it is being re-written. (Note that the new free six chapters cover much of the content.)

    With regard to these thoughts on experience, our natural state IS happiness and peace. We do not need anything to be happy (including control of feeling)–but we DO need some thing to be unhappy.

    That some thing is attachment to and attention on a painful thought, believed in. Alchemy shifts your attention away from what is not wanted, away from the painful
    thought or belief, and onto it’s opposite.

    That unveils our natural joyful presence and enables the happiness which was already the case to be known. (Just putting your awareness into the life energy in your body also improves feeling.)

    Yes, for those passionately attached, no one can feel good. Alchemy redirects attention and a better feeling to enable detachment, and the resulting insights that can reverse feeling.

    I have seen people’s state radically reverse from the pain and suffering of seeing others as “villains” to seeing them with compassion as “victims.”

    Remember that Alchemy is not yet widely known, and so we need more people using it in all organizations. Thanks for spreading the love and joy!

    Soon I will be distributing practice “cheat sheets” with the essence of the practice, and if you are on my mailing list, which I think you are, you will be getting it automatically.


  7. I have enjoyed your ebook and am looking forward to the hard copy. In the meantime, I lost everything when my hard-drive froze and I can no longer refer to it. As it turns out I could use it now since I am embarking on becoming a Stephen Minister and I just came across a chapter on feelings. Imagine my surprise to read that “feelings are not under your conscious control” and that “no one can feel angry, happy, or sad on command.” Any chance you would send me the link again to you ebook so that I can refresh your teachings.

  8. Thank you for sending your ebook. I am anxiously (in a good way) awaiting the release of the rest of your book. I am so happy to have come across you and your story. I greatly appreciate that you have taken divine inspiration and found a way that others can put to practice what you have discovered – we are the source of our joy! You are truly a blessing. As another reader mentioned, when I find myself regressing in fear, I now have the means to bring myself to a state of love and peace.

  9. Post

    Hello Joan,

    Thanks so much for reading, and sharing. What a wonderful gift you have given. There’s much gratitude here for you.

    May you be happy, healthy, safe, and free.


  10. Dear Cindy,

    Thank you for sending me your ebook. Reading your story allowed me to dig deep into my own soul and let go of a painful burden I had been carrying around for almost 20 years. I feel so much peace and freedom now. Thank you for shining your light on so many people. God Bless you!

  11. Dear Cindy. We are so proud of your writings, accomplishments and way you have endured.

    With gratitude and thankfulness that you share so much joy and healing work.
    ♥ Love, Debby

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  13. Hey Cindy!

    Wanted to let you know that i’m really enjoying your book and that i’m getting so much from it!! While doing the practice, which i’m always conscious of now, i’ve found myself thinking…wow…i’m really starting to understand the whole concept and how much sense it makes! For example, thinking of being with someone you’ve really liked or loved and how you felt when you were with them…and to tune into that feeling and realize that that feeling was always coming from within “me”…not them…is enough info to keep me going with this ..wow!..very cool! lol
    So, when i have my “old mind” fearful moments, .I do the practice..a lot and continue to read your book!!

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