Popping the illusion: Shiny or painted legs?

What do you need to pop the illusion  of separation, to know the One reality? You need to directly know the truth.
How? You must question what you think you know.
Today I was scanning the news and saw a photo of shiny legs, then saw the headline about a raging debate, with the question, ‘Shiny or painted?’ And at first was confused.
What’s the big deal about shiny legs? “So she put something on her legs to make them shiny,” was the mind read. “Maybe this will become a new fad.”
Mind reads happen, to fill in the gaps, when there’s incomplete information. But they are just guesses and have nothing to do with reality.

Then “painted” stood out as misfit information (you can …

Proof that we are all One

Think that objects or people, separate from you, make sounds? This will rock your world! Watch one side of this image and listen, then watch the other side and listen. What word do you hear?

Relationship Destroyer: Mind-Reads

VIDEO: Do you have misunderstandings in relationships? Ever wonder, “How did we get here?” Mind reads are relationship destroyers. What are mind-reads? Where do they come from? What to do when someone says “I know what you think, feel, or why you did or said this…” Learn what to do with your own mind-reads.

How can I stop feeling invisible when I am with people?

How can I stop feeling invisible when I am with people? You are seeking answers to why you feel, act, and react the way you do, or maybe you are even questioning who you are. When the student is ready, the teacher appears (to appear). No matter where answers appear to come from–your mentor, a book, your friend, enemy, dog, or a tree–ultimately, they come from within, from your Self.

Proof that suffering is imagination

Proof that suffering is imagination–and the power of belief to elicit illusion, which leads to suffering. Suffering is optional because it is based on illusion.