Is Happiness in Your Genes?

Before I discovered the inner source of joy, my level of happiness was extremely low for a few months, and then in a flash, it shot up for many months and later leveled-off somewhere higher than my “normal.” Could the genes have somehow dramatically changed? Supposedly, as the unchanging, inherited “cause” of happiness, they cannot.

Perspective is everything, for everyone…even Stephen Hawking, and God

Perspective is everything, for everyone…even Stephen Hawking, and God

The newspaper headline reads, “God did not create Universe: Hawking.”
Hawking is not immune to being a respected error-maker and now I may add him in second place to my all-time favourite: Descartes, who declared “I think, therefore I am.”
“I am..” comes before the thought “I am a thinker.” There must be Knowing before thinking. As a result of this mistaken identity of being a thinker, many people have, in essence, come to worship the thinking mind, and their thoughts as truth.
It would be closer to the truth to say “I am, therefore I think.” Oh well, to err is human, and other brilliant thinkers once concluded the earth was flat. …

What is a “spiritual” author?

When you cruise the categories of the books entered in the “Next Top Spiritual Author” contest, you find subjects like:
Art, Business, Dating, Diet & Nutrition, Divorce, Gardening, Massage, Organizing, Sports, Technology, Travel, and UFO’s. This makes one question exactly what is meant by a “spiritual” author. The contest organizers say “This competition is focused on finding authors who have a message that appeals to the spiritual market. This market, often referred to the “new thought market” offers personal growth and spiritual messages (religious messages are not considered “new thought”). Authors like James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer, James Redfield, Abraham Hicks, etc – have messages that appeal to this market.”
To me, in the truest sense of the …

True Infinite Love

True Infinite Love

A gift arose with the early morning sun on my stroll today.
I had been contemplating the massive changes in my life and my experience of life since last April (when I discovered the joy we all are), when a big picture understanding struck me.
In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) it is known that we hold values that drive our attention, intention, behaviour, and beliefs. Beliefs cluster around values, and while we can loosen, erode, and replace beliefs one by one, it is a tedious and slow process because there can be many of them, and also perhaps  because they are important to supporting the more important, larger value they are linked to, and so we cling to them. A …

My Favourite Videos

My Favourite Videos
“Everybody Loves Raymond” illustrates how no-one knows why we are here on earth, with humour. (Refer to the chapter “Survey says?!” in “The Alchemy of Love and Joy”.
Find out who you are now
What is the evidence of  “You”?
Stay as I am
Before knowledge
Papaji answers “Can you show me God?”
Detonator for the ego
Absolute Watchfulness
Were you born?
Forget about enlightenment
You are the Holy Spirit
Amazing Grace

Don’t just fill your cup–realize it is bottomless

Don’t just fill your cup–realize it is bottomless
After an Alchemy of Love and Joy™ session, people leave feeling happy and peaceful. The other day a client called to make an appointment “I really need it,” she said. That, along with some other readers’ comments like, “I read your book when I need a tune-up,” and “it picks me up when I feel down,” brought to my attention the need for more emphasis on how the practice can help you realize your innate freedom, permanently.
You don’t need the book. That is an outside thing. You don’t need a session to “tune-up,” to “recharge your battery,” or to “fill your cup” or your “tank.” Your intention for doing the work needs to …

We don’t want things, people or events. We want the feeling we mistake them for.

We don’t want things, people or events.
We want the feeling we mistake them for.

–and you can have it any time.
That was a key message offered and received at the The Alchemy of Love and Joy™ talk held in Ottawa in August 2009. We cause how we feel, and we can choose and cause how we want to feel no matter what is going-on around us, if we practice The Alchemy of Love and Joy™. If you use suffering to point you toward joy, to consciously seek joy in the face of adversity, you can blow-out the belief that has held you captive all your life; the belief that outside things can hurt you or make you feel good.
Having had that …

Feel Fantastic in the Face of Adversity, and Nothing Can Ever Hurt You Again

Feel fantastic in the face of adversity,
and nothing can ever hurt you again
When you come face-to-face with feeling joy at the same time as seeing, hearing, or knowing something “bad” outside you, and if you refuse to deny that you are in fact feeling joy, and you accept it as true in your experience, then it will profoundly change your life forever.
It will disconnect you from the belief that you need anything in order to feel good. It disconnects you from the belief that anything can make you feel bad. It disconnects you from the attachment to these thoughts. You will then know without doubt that how you feel has nothing to do with what is going-on around you. Every …