Suicide, Love, Joy, and God

Radio Interview – Sept 15, 2014

WTWG 1050, Columbus, Mississippi, USA. (47 min.)

Enjoy this radio interview as Cindy and two other guests, including a minister, speak about the natures of love and joy. They cover the “levels” of love, material world object love or “happenstances,” and the true source of love. Cindy highlights how happenstance happiness, or object happiness, is temporary, while inner joy, peace, and love never sway, no matter what goes on in life. In this way, it is eternal and Divine. But the radio host asks… “Is the joy you speak about self-centred? Listen to her answer now.

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Ottawa Author tackles mental health problem with free workshops

Cindy-flowers-portrait_On September 4th the World Health Organization called suicide “a large public health problem.” And for good reason. More than 800,000 people each year worldwide die by suicide. In the span of three years, anti-depressant use rose 400% (Source: CDC). Suicide is the fifth leading cause of death among those aged 30-49 years in 2012 globally, and  second leading cause of death in the 15-29 year age group in 2012 globally. (Source: International Association of Suicide Prevention.)

Cindy Teevens is no stranger to suffering and suicide. Her father died by suicide, she overcame her own suicidal thoughts, and she later successfully intervened in a suicide in progress for a friend.

Her father’s suicide led her on a quest to find an end to suffering, and resulted in her being gifted “mind-blowing” joy and inner peace. She was overwhelmed with gratitude and a desire to share. Now her life’s work is to help others end the stress, anxiety, depression, and drug use before they lead to suicide.

Teevens has been writing about, speaking about, and facilitating inner peace since 2009, and now wants to work on a larger scale, to reach more people, faster. To do that, she’s launched a “Happiness 4 Humanity” Indiegogo campaign to raise money to make free public inner peace and happiness workshops across Ottawa a reality. “Ottawa is a pilot project,” she says. “We want to take it across Canada.” Continue reading

Suicide called ‘large public health problem’ by WHO

The recent suicides of Robin Williams and Simone Battle serve to highlight the public health problem plaguing our society today.

In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) just announced it as such in this article. Now there are articles appearing with the idea that Robin’s suicide was “spontaneous” and not “premeditated” as if that somehow makes it better, or as if there is some version of suicide that is worse or better than another, or worse yet, that some suicidal people are worse than others.

People say he was making plans for upcoming projects and that he was “engaged.” The truth is that some suicides come from out of the blue for us; there are no warning signs. Perhaps some of the most intent people do the best job of hiding it. But what makes a person intent on suicide? Not sanity, and so the idea of suicide as a sane, premeditated act, is insane.

And on the other hand, simply because there were no warning signs seen does not mean that there weren’t any signs. Most often, the “invitations” along the way, as they are called, are missed. People miss them due to… Continue reading

Why Fighting to Feel Good Fails

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Listen to this free, real life audio recording of a conversation between Cindy and a Client last week. See my notes below on the session.

These sessions take hours, and editing the recordings take nearly half a day…

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In this free audio, Cindy and the Client discuss:

  • Why Fighting to Feel Good Fails
  • What to do about troublesome thoughts
  • Where do thoughts come from?
  • What is “space” around a thought?
  • Not using your power of Interest
  • A non-relationship to thought
  • Doing not doing. The effortlessness of Being
  • The Client’s 6 week experience of peace and joy
  • Your Power of Discernment
  • How thoughts downward cycle
  • How the “You can achieve anything” mindset can result in miserable failure
  • The victim-hood of blame
  • Competition, the need to win
  • How to “get this experience of space again” and to “not to lose it”
  • The false “i” and the real You.

The Client says:

“There seemed to be something…other…which is not thought. Space around thought. What happened there, where does space go?” Continue reading

Happiness challenge “may lead to sadness”

Happiness Cannot Lead to Sadness

How the truth about happiness is obvious

by Cindy Teevens

A report on CBC news says that, “focusing on what makes you smile for 100 days is full of paradox.”

The article continues, “The happiness challenge is based on the premise that happiness is a choice. It asks participants to submit a photo every day of what made them happy, without trying to make others jealous.”

But the 100happydays website says that, “71% of people who tried to complete this challenge failed and quoted lack of time as the main reason.” The site blames and goads the participants, saying, “These people simply did not have time to be happy. Continue reading

Love and Joy is a Free for All!

Love and Joy is a Free for All!

The truth is you need nothing to be happy
–want to know how?

Candid Conversation #2

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How Cindy discovered…

  • Love and Joy are our natural states
  • We need nothing
  • Not even suffering can get in your way

Cindy shows people how to be happy for life, without controlling thoughts, changing circumstances, or healing the past.

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To be continued…




Cindy Teevens is one of the leading inner peace and happiness facilitators, exceptional and unique in helping people shift their state and transform their lives permanently, from the inside out.

Six years after the violent suicide of her father, in one moment her own intense suffering was swapped for amazing joy, altering her life permanently. Happiness and peace became her predominant states.

Understandings began to come about how we have been living backwards, how we have mistaken the outside for the inside, and how we have tethered ourselves to the uncontrollable winds of change in the midst of freedom—and how we can return to truth, sanity, and peace.

Months after discovering joy, one day in the woods she was knocked to her knees by an explosion of love that was followed by the end of time and space, self and other, and when she looked up at the trees, she saw them *as* herself, as everything is. Uncontrollable laughter belted out from the belly of being, tickling every cell in her body as it laid on the snow, laughing and crying at the cosmic joke.

It’s a Question of Life and Death

It’s a Question of Life and Death

The real reason why I urge people to seek joy…

Recently someone unsubscribed from my newsletter, politely and usefully leaving the comment that they are “beyond” what I offer. It made me wonder, did they know what is truly available and offered?

Is Alchemy really only about a warm fuzzy feeling? No.

There is a purpose with far more value beyond that mere band aid. Continue reading

Stress is not a circumstance

Stress is not a circumstance

Study finds strong link between strokes, stress

In “Study finds strong link between strokes, stress” in the Ottawa Citizen today, Dr. Michael Hill, co-chair of the Canadian Stroke Congress and Director of the acute stroke unit at Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, says “Not everyone who has stress has stroke. But is it a contributor? Absolutely.”

Stress is not a circumstance

This begs the obvious and so perhaps overlooked question:

“What is stress?”

While Hill says “There is no doubt that the things that happen in people’s environment — their life, their ability to manage and interact with their life — results in changes in their biology which puts them potentially at risk.” Here we see that Hill believes, like most people in our society, that your inability to “manage” your life, to manage outside circumstances, is what causes stress. The corollary to that implies that your ability to manage your life relieves stress. So in other words, your ability to change the outside. This trap has led our society into a vicious cycle of suffering, because it encourages attachment to things, people, and events outside of you, which are constantly changing and not in your control. This managing, controlling effort is futile for that reason and also because stress is not a thing, a person, or an event. No circumstance on the outside can cause your inside heart rate to soar or your blood pressure to build. Continue reading

Today is not the day that Dad died

grandpa_butchToday is the seven-year anniversary of my Father’s rebirth into spirit. Notice how much less a “charge” there is, how much less suffering there is, how much more truth and presence there is in the statement of the anniversary. Today is not the day that Dad died. That day was a long time ago, and that day, that experience, has nothing to do with this day, this experience. This day is not that day, and we do not have to try to “reincarnate” that day now.

If I had not been reminded, it would not have been top in my consciousness and may have passed unobserved. That is not a suppression or avoidance of any kind. It is a simply a clear seeing of truth and reality.

On the first anniversary I received a card in the mail. It did not say much, other than “thinking of you,” and I thought it had something to do with the current moderate challenges I faced at the time, but a card for that seemed a little “much”. There was nothing I could relate it to because I was not suffering. A few emails later, I put it together; it was for the anniversary of his attempted suicide and passing. That first anniversary, I thanked family and let them know how I was, that all was good, and that the anniversary is not important to me, and why.

There were no more cards, and other family members continued to “observe” the anniversary. With my increased compassion and awareness, it occurred to me that this observing was not for me, as much as it was for them. They were suffering even though the 365th day later really has no more significance than the  364th, or 366th. So it seems there is a “rule” that every 365 days we must remember traumatic events, potentially “re-living” them, or more accurately, use memories to suffer in the now.

I don’t need to feel bad to honour someone’s life, and frankly, I can’t see how feeling bad and suffering could honour someone’s life. Certainly, that is not what the deceased wants for us.

Like everyone from my past who I loved, I may bring their memory or the experience of them into my present moment multiple times through the year–I don’t need 365 days. And when I do, I feel good about them, and in this way, I nurture my love of and for them.

That said of my current experience, my current experience also includes living family members who are suffering and want connection. Just like the world did not stop when Dad passed, and that the only thing to be done was to keep going and to do whatever needed tending to, the world has not stopped and needs tending too. Just like loving those who passed 365 days ago, I love and tend to those who are present now, 365 days a year.