We are not in control

We are not in control

and why that is a good thing…

The car was selected, a cheque written, the insurance coverage arranged, and on the day of delivery a friend drove me to pick-it-up. The first thing I did was show her the car. The first thing she said was, “It’s not a hatchback.”

She knows me well. I once had a sedan, and after later getting a hatchback, I would never go back.

I said “What?!” It’s been so long since I had a car that I just forgot that preference, and with her comment it all came flooding back. The deal was off.

The deal was off

There was nothing else that was suitable on the lot. I headed back home, and back to the internet.

The new home was selected, agreed to, plans were in motion, public retreats scheduled and announced, and I began socializing with the new neighbors. Then the move was delayed, and relayed temporarily into the adjoining house. Ok, I can work with that. With only three weeks left, the move was delayed again without a confirmed date, and relayed into either last minute arrangements into a trailer or a condo far away. Once again, the deal was off. So I headed back to the internet.

Once again, the deal was off.

Both of these events happened the same week.

To many people, all of these sudden and sizable changes would have been disastrous and stressful for them. When it was obvious that the decision was to not buy the car, I did not hesitate and went looking again. I found one that night, which turned out to be a better deal. It was the same for me when I realized that the house deal was unworkable, and that night I found a new property, saw it the next day, and signed that week. There was a sense of fun and adventure, not knowing what was coming next and being free and available to the possibilities. It too was a better deal, and better for the both the business and my cousin who has joined me this summer (after I had selected the first house).

I love the saying “Man makes plans, and God laughs.” We only appear to make plans, choices, or decisions–when really we are merely responding to what is.

We only appear to make plans, choices, or decisions–when really we are merely responding to what is.

When you know that, then there is no struggle when things do not go as planned. Only adventure. Only unlimited possibilities.


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  1. Definetly i know what does it means.. i have a big example now happening into my life that to be honest i just can’t understand what for… I did the exam for the medical specialization wanting dermatology but first i need to do one year of internal medicine and by this time i had other option if i want to, so i choose anesthesiology. I received the results of the test and i knew this was not going to be enough to internal medicine and i started to desagree about the posibility of my second desicion. After 1 month waiting to know the places and the points requiered I am under 2 decimals to achive the last place so now i have to wait again and in anestesiology… So right i’m kind of desperate about growing my actual consultory and sign a contract for one year because i have to wait until april.. to know if i have a place to begging the specialization..

    1. Post

      We’d like things to make sense, but they simple are what they are. In retrospect, we can look back and see how it all fits, how one thing led to another. Although even then the “outcome” may not be what we like, however that “not liking” is unnecessary suffering. Of it’s own volition, it cannot change any thing. It just hurts. Fortunately, suffering is optional.

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